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Young people in the Middle East have dreams—Entrepreneurial dreams—that have gotten lost in a mainstream narrative of despair.

They are 70% of the population—resilient, capable, innovators, consumers, voters. They are the future of leadership and business—the future of a new Middle East. And they are today’s sources and resources of dreams that will achieve sustainable development.

We want youth to dream again. To start saying “MY dream is—-“! And we turn their dreams into reality.

MYEDream is a comprehensive approach, public-private partnership, and incubator to leapfrog economic growth in the Middle East through entrepreneurship and investing in youth. We do it by focusing on three areas, which we call the young entrepreneurs’ 3 dimensions approach (ye)3D™:

Entrepreneurs’ Dreams, Dialogue, and Development inspiring a collective vision for sustainable development

We nurture entrepreneurs and dreams for a vision of turning good IDEAs™ into action to re/build the new Middle East:

  • Institutions and infrastructure in the public and private sectors
  • Democracy and good governance through next generation leadership
  • Economic engagement and enterprise for a solid middle class
  • Alliances and partnerships that lead to co-existence, stability, and peace

We believe that these IDEAs™ are the critical components of what will take to leapfrog sustainable development in the region. And we believe youth entrepreneurship dream, dialogue, and development—(ye)3D™—is the way to get there.