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What is MyeDream?


Dream = Vision

Dream is a Vision—a change catalyst, a campaign, a new way of doing business. MYEDream aims to change the mindset into dreaming of a better life, and IDEAs™ and inspiring youth and young professionals to follow those dreams through their education, engagement in community, and the economy. Beyond what the incubator and hub do, this is a grass-roots movement on the streets and on the news, in schools and universities, communities and refugee camps, villages and cities, internet cafés and sports teams, in community centers, places of worship, art exhibits, in the markets, and on the web. It’s a physical and virtual community that cultivates shares dreams to inspire more dreams.


Dialogue = Connections

Dialogue is Connections—a hub, a network, a community for bringing all young entrepreneurs together and creating networks to share ideas. We create peer networks of inspiration and mentorship, and share best lessons and ideas. It is a physical space housing seminars, skills training, virtual global networks, competitions, job fairs. It is also a virtual space connecting people all over to inspire dreams and turn IDEAs ™ into action.

Development = Incubation

Development is Incubation—a lab, an accelerator, a physical and virtual space that connects the why of specific entrepreneurial dreams to the what of creating products and services by providing the how of acceleration, training, business plan creation, financing, and mentorship. We want to contribute to turning IDEAs™ into reality, and especially focusing on promising entrepreneurs in economy and enterprise.

The Dream/Vision Team does so through three components:

The Dialogue/Connections Team does so through three components:

The Development/Incubation Team does so through three components: