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Our Organization

My(Entrepreneurial)Dream, or just “MyeDream” pronounced “my dream” is short for Middle East Young Entrepreneurs’ Dreams, Dialogue, and Development. It is a flagship program and partnership of Social Development Horizons, born out of a dream for a new Middle East, where youth are front and center. We envision a Middle East where stories of hopes and dreams inspire action and re/build stronger communities, countries, and global cooperation. MyeDream invests in cultivation of strong networks and dialogues, anddeveloping incubation and a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurship. We believe this (ye)3D™ approach is the only way to ensure that good IDEAs™ (institutions, democracy, economic growth, alliances) come into action.

Social Development Horizons is a social enterprise founded by a (former) refugee from the Middle East who believes in turning young entrepreneurs’ dreams into engines that drive the good IDEAs™ to re/build the new Middle East. We partner with local networks, local and global businesses, and the development community. Please come back for information about our founder, our teams and partners, and our hub.

Our Ethos

Without a vision—a dream, there can be no change. Without connections—and dialogue, there’s no learning, economic growth, development, or peace. And without incubation—developing of promising entrepreneurs—even the best IDEAs™ cannot turn into action.

We are the place where entrepreneurs realize their dreams, have dialogue without borders, and revive a sense of ownership and civic responsibility towards their communities, countries, and their world. A local and global network that redefines competition and team-work, applies global best practices, and harnesses the power of markets and enterprise to build a stronger, stable, and sustainable development.

We aim to change the mainstream narrative of conflict and despair in the region into a new narrative of hope, where young people are empowered to pursue their dreams. Where they start by saying “my dream is —–.” It’s time for our generation to re-focus on Vision and inspiration into action.

We don’t create dreams – they’re already there. We simply give them the tools to flourish. All dreams that turn into good IDEAs™ (institution building, democracy strengthening, economic enterprise, and alliances for peace) are supported. We help develop promising entrepreneurs’ dreams into reality, especially prioritizing businesses that can grow the economy—the market and jobs.

We focus on business entrepreneurship across key industries as well as science (including systems), technology, and innovations across all four IDEAs™. We ensure that women and girls, all minorities, and displaced persons have an equal voice and equal chance. Wepromote social entrepreneurship and partnerships at the core of our business model, and apply business practices and market solutions for a sustainable ecosystem.

We invite you to join us in looking at today’s Middle East from a point of opportunity, and engaging—and investing in—young people and their entrepreneurial dreams to bring about sustainable development and a new Middle East.

 Send your Idea to : ideas@myedream.me