My(Entrepreneurial)Dream (MyeDream TM) Incubator, Erbil
What's your entrepreneurial dream?TM

First and only incubator and ecosystem builder for Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship in Erbil to build a collaborative ecosystem for startups and MSMEs, create jobs, and enable youth--especially women--to be equal part of society and the economy.

Welcome to our beta homepage for MyeDream's incubator in Erbil. Please checkout archives of our launch in Aug 2016 where 165 youth participated, 37 ideas were presented, and 15 teams were incubated in 2 weeks intensive training (with support of Invest2Innovate, 1776, PresenTense, Wamda).

MyeDream is the official representative and member of the Global Entrepreneurship Network for Iraq.

For our online training and news: checkout our facebook page and our newly launched

For more information on our overarching vision and parent social enterprise, Social Development Horizons: checkout

Donate here to support young entrepreneurs in the Middle East and to help us scale our success.

Starting May 2017, American Friends of Kurdistan, a Paypal-approved charity 501-c-3 not-for-profit in the US, is our fiscal sponsor, with 100% of donations going directly to fund programs for young entrepreneurs in Erbil (no overhead, no fees, no salaries)

We're proud to announce two new partners who will work exclusively with MyeDream to enable young entrepreneurs and startups in Iraq:

The Kaizen Company: a global ecosystem builder

University of Kurdistan-Hewler: #1 ranked university in the region

Rebeen Pasha

Dara Khailany

Karam Hindi

Arwa Bennaji

Shano Ghafour

Sarbast B. Qadir‏

Mustafa Kamal

Arman Hadi

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